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EFFECT_Portfolio - Xotics


   Design work for Xotics Work included: logo design, brochure design, posters/flyers, website design and other various projects. Xotics, owned by Curtis Smith, is a famous barbershop with it’s own product-line. Working with Curtis is a pleasure, and gave great exposure. View a selection of the design work below:
EFFECT_Portfolio - Gateway

Gateway Media

   Design work for Gateway Media Work included: logo design & website design. Gateway Media needed a strong, corporate logo. Naturally, the idea was to visualize an actual gateway. This could’ve gone many ways, and although we researched many styles, we decided to go with an abstract style. The two rectangle elements represent the entrance and exit, […]
EFFECT_Portfolio JustBridge

Just Bridge

   Design work for JustFilm Entertainment (part of JustBridge) Work included: UI app design for iPad/iPhone/Android devices. Working on the app UI design, for JustFilm Entertainment was a great experience. The app is intended to give consumers the possibility to view JustBridge movies/series/documentaries on their mobile devices. I incorporated the JustBridge style, making sure the corporate identity remained […]
EFFECT_Portfolio - BBI

DVD/Blu-ray inlay design

     Various inlay design work. Made for dutch client, BBI. Inlay design is a rewarding job, where the challenge is to draw in customers from walking by hundreds of other covers. Even though DVD is a ”dying” medium, it’s still going strong and there still is demand for inlay design. The next step will be […]