Advertisment design for Cole – Men’s skincare products.
Highlighting Cole’s products through ads, flyers and prominent site banners.

Cole’s style is awesome to work with; clean, subtle and strong.
The original logo has a classy look, which I’ve incorporated throughout each design.
I made the choice to use a bold stylish sans-serif font for all headings and info.

The design work is geared towards a male target-group, so I made sure each design has a bold/manly look.
Using mostly a single complementary color against a dark or light background (with some exceptions) creates great unity.

Work involved advertisements, memberships cards, website banners and packaging work.
A small selection below:


original_612540_svaicelapnp0fekpzrmi0fafj  Manly Made Pure Clean_Ad_v6  Man Enough To_Ad_v3  Timeless_Ad  Minimize Time_Ad  BLACK_Ad (1)  612540_tn_nmumh54cbufgd9fcnguhta  612540_q2xlzgqdkrtvnvsjwdblfrj4b  612540_u4qjyhngyotpmx_d32vhnaget  612540_ao0jw28heq_q5ljztuc2p3jkxSkin Fitness_Ad  Moisture Balm_Site Slideshow  Facial Towelettes_Slideshow_1200x500

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